Gifts & Donations


The Mahwah Public Library recognizes that donations of materials from the public or other institutions are a valuable contribution to the collection at large. Unfortunately, due to cataloging restrictions and parameters, the library must place standards on the types of materials that can be accepted and input into the collection. In addition, the policy set out below is intended to restrict donations to those materials that are appropriate to the needs of the collection as well as the community it serves.


  1. No item, whether fiction or non-fiction can be more than five (5) years old unless it is considered to be a work which has withstood the test of time.
  2. Neither magazines, nor textbooks, nor encyclopedias can be accepted.
  3. The library reserves the right to refuse any materials that it feels would be of no value to the collection because of its nature, content and/or physical condition.
  4. If the library accepts items as donations, it is with the express understanding that those materials may be added to the collection, put up for sale, or discarded as the library deems proper.
  5. Videocassettes, audiotapes, and audio compact disks, if appropriate to the nature of the collection and community standards are acceptable. Long playing records cannot be 0accepted since the library no longer supports such a collection.
  6. The library shall accept any materials in reasonably good condition for the on-going booksale.
  7. Anyone desirous of donating materials to the library shall be entitled to an acknowledgement of such donation, indicating the number and nature of items donated. Under no circumstances can the library assign any monetary value to the donation, and provide such valuation to the donor. This written acknowledgement shall be issued at point of delivery and is to be recorded in an appropriate ledger indicating date, name of donor, and nature and number of items donated.
  8. Items received, for which an acknowledgement is offered are to be logged in the “Giftlog”, which is located in the “Shared” directory, accessible from any “networked” computer. Items catalogued or put out for public sale must also appear in the Giftlog under the appropriate tab.
  9. Totals of items received must be retained for entry into the Per Capita State Aid Report filed with the state of New Jersey every year.
  10. The terms and content of this policy are subject to the interpretation of the director.
  11. All donations received are to be moved to the basement.
  12. All materials are subject to review by qualified staff.
  13. The Board of Trustees of the Mahwah Public Library reserves the right to change the terms and nature of this policy without prior notice.

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