COVID-19 Response

The health of our community, patrons and staff is our highest concern.  We have implemented the following precautions during this unprecedented pandemic.

How We Safeguard Public Heath

In order to safeguard the health of our staff, patrons and broader community during this pandemic , the Library has made a number of changes to our service profile.

Everyone entering the Library is required to wear a face mask for the duration of their visit.  Face masks must cover both the mouth and nose. 

We are limiting occupancy in the building to 50 individuals and have installed a digital occupancy counter in the rear entrance vestibule.  We ask that you not enter if the occupancy is above 50 and wait until other patrons exit the building before entering. 

We are limiting unaccompanied children in the Library.  No one under age 14 may enter the Library without a parent, guardian or other responsible adult who will supervise their behavior while in the Library.

We are limiting each visit to one hour.  While you are welcome to browse the shelves to find new favorites, we have removed public seating throughout the Library. 

We encourage you to request items in advance for fast pickup on our self-service holds shelves and strongly encourage the use of curbside pickup and home delivery.  We ask that when browsing the collections, you place any items you do not wish to borrow on a cart so that staff can reshelve them.   Borrowed items must be returned in the outside book drop.

We quarantine all recently browsed and returned items for three days before making them available for others to borrow.  We will “back date” returned items by three days to ensure that no late fees are charged while items are in quarantine.

Quite study rooms are available for use with some restrictions.  Quiet study rooms may be used for up to one hour by two people per room, after which we will ask you to leave the Library.  Quiet study rooms are wiped down with disinfectant wipes after every use.

Public PCs are also available with some restrictions.  PCs may be used for 30 minutes only by requesting a guest pass from any public service desk.  We will not extend sessions past 30 minutes.  Public PCs are wiped down after every use.

The Library’s copiers, printers and scanner are available for use. 

Please read our amended Code of Conduct for additional guidelines and restrictions during the pandemic.

Available Online Services

The Library offers a number online services and encourages their use during the pandemic.

Our programs and events will be conducted online using Zoom, Facebook Live, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and similar technologies.  Our calendar of events includes all virtual events.

We offer thousands of eBooks, audiobooks, movies, documentaries, foreign films, TV shows, music, magazines and more through our online library.

Our online learning section features resources for homework help, tutoring, career and resume building, language instruction and lifelong learning.

Woman wearing a mask.