COVID-19 Response & Reopening

Starting in June 2021, the Library lifted many restrictions that were in place during the height of the pandemic and is now fully open to the public. 

We look forward to seeing you back in the Library, and taking advantage of everything we have to offer!

Masks & Social Distancing

The Library strongly recommends staff and visitors to wear masks and observe six feet of physical distance while inside the building.

Update: The Board of Trustees rescinded the mask mandate at their meeting on February 15, 2022.  This change will go into effect starting Monday, March 7, to be consistent with local schools relaxing their mask mandates.

Patrons who are uncomfortable entering the Library are encouraged to use our many contactless services, including our extensive collections of eBooks and eAudiobooks, movies and shows, online learning services, personalized recommendationscurbside pickup, and home delivery options.

Resuming Services

Starting June 23, 2021, we increased occupancy in the building to 250 individuals at once.  We installed a digital occupancy counter in the rear entrance vestibule so you can view the current occupancy when you arrive.  We ask that you not enter if the occupancy is above 250 and wait until other patrons exit the building before entering. 

Starting Wednesday, June 23, we removed the time limits placed in effect during the pandemic.  You are welcome to stay longer than one hour and tables and chairs are available throughout the Library.

Starting June 23, quite study rooms, public PCs, copiers, printers and scanner are fully available for public use.

Starting September 1, children under 14 may enter the Library without an adult.  We welcome the return of unattended students in 4th grade and up who wish to read, study, complete homework, attend events or socialize after school.  All children visiting the Library must wear a mask and maintain appropriate social distancing at all times or they will be asked to leave. 

Starting September 1, we returned to in-person programs and events.  In-person programs, including concerts, storytimes and other popular events will return this fall with some restrictions.  Many events now require registration so that we can maintain safe attendance limits and give priority to Mahwah residents. 

Starting January, 2022, we transitioned most programs back to online.  In-person programs reverted to being online due to the rapid rise in the omicron variant.

Starting March 1, we transitioned selected events and programs back to in-person where practicable.  Concerts, storytimes and other popular events will return to in-person this spring.  Some events continue to be hosted online, depending on the format and presenter’s comfort with in-person presentations.  We continue to require registration so that we can maintain safe attendance limits. Visit our events calendar for the most up-to-date event listings.

Starting March 7, we no longer require masks to be worn in the building.  We do, however, strongly recommend that mask be worn by all staff and visitors while they are inside the building.

Starting June 22, 2022, we removed the occupancy limits in effect during the pandemic.  We no longer limit the number of individual permitted in the Library at the same time.

Woman wearing a mask.

Home Delivery & Curbside Pickup Options

The Library is happy to offer curbside pickup and home delivery as a service for those who are not yet comfortable returning to the Library in person.

Ongoing Changes

Due to the fluid nature of the pandemic and constantly updated guidance from federal, state and local health officials, our policies and procedures around pandemic operations are reviewed at each Board meeting and adjusted whenever needed to reflect the current status of the pandemic in our community.