We Love the Mahwah Library - Binah & Axxiom E.

We Love the Mahwah Library


Binah: "I’ve had a library card have since I have been about 11, and Axxiom has been coming here since he was born – since 2005 since he was old enough to have a library card."

Axxiom: “My first memories here at the Library were downstairs in the teen department there was a reading challenge, marathon, they give you Ramen in the middle of it."

Binah: “It was a read-a-thon, he started coming in the summers and do all the activities in the summer, he was very young at that age - he would come every day. I remember before the downstairs was renovated, every year they did something new whether a renovation or new technology.

I would say he is more of an avid reader than I am.  It is hard when you get older, it is hard with technology you end up scrolling on social media, with school I tend to read less.  He reads a lot, which is great.

I have been a commuter for years since I have started attending college, on the long car rides I switched it up between music and audiobooks.”

Axxiom: “I find it easier to read face to words, I will forget it if I listen to it. I like to hold a book when I’m reading.

My favorite thing about the Library is downstairs in the Teen Department, Denise and Kerri – our family has known Denise before she came to the library.  Denise and Kerri make it seem like you are a part of the family.  They do crowd control so it’s not too loud, it is nice to do some homework down there before the rush comes in.  I started doing volunteering recently and they have made it really easy."

Binah: “This is a very updated library, I come in and there is always something new; raffle baskets, renovating the children’s dept. , renovated a space for teens, or there is some new program, whether it is yoga or someone teaching about cooking, they have learning a language – Rosetta Stone, every new DVD they are catching the wave as it comes out and constantly keeping it updated, It makes for such a fresh and effective library for all age groups and people are really interested in coming to the library and reading and doing everything else it has to offer.

What’s nice about this library is I always come for the books.  I have to take the Praxis too to become a teacher and instead of buying it, they have everything updated here.  If they have something available and I took out a book here, whether its help with a class.  Sometimes I meet with friends here because it is a common and big area that is close to all of us.  I use it for a lot of resources ever since I started taking classes."

Axxiom: “I love that I get to come here every day, I am close to walking home by myself but I have a few more years.  Now I can come here every day, do my homework, stay up here and so some quiet things, and check my grades.”

Binah: “I think it has given him such great environment at this age in growing up to socialize and really see hard work.  Denise is not someone who doesn’t look like she has everything together, every summer she has everything all prepped and ready to go, she really cares about if they can look back on their past experiences and remember that the library was a huge part of their after school or their summer or the friends they met and how they hung out.   I would say the support and resources again, I have friends in other towns and they do not have that.  We are really lucky that Mahwah makes it a priority to help the people that do keep are in school. Having that support is really helpful.”

- Binah & Axxiom E., patrons since 2005

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