We Love the Mahwah Library - Carol P.

We Love the Mahwah Library

"I’ve been a patron at the Mahwah Library for 40 years. But I really became a patron truly when the new building was built. The first memory I have is how nice this library turned out when they built it. How big it is, how much room it has for other activities other than just reading books.
I come to this side of Mahwah specifically for the library – even though other BCCLS libraries are closer to my home. I love this library. The people are very helpful. Anytime I need anything – they tell me where to get it, or they get it for me.

I most look forward to seeing the people every time I come. Of course the books too, and whatever else I’m getting. The whole feel of this library is just wonderful. The people are very helpful, you doesn’t matter what you ask – they’ll say “let me look it up” or “let me try to find it”. For older people like myself – it’s a big deal to have this kind of place here. If I have a question – I never feel like I’m intruding. If I need help with the computer – they can help me. I never get an attitude, everyone is so kind. It’s just a nice place to be.

I love books – I do like a Kindle if I’m traveling, but I like to hold a book. I used to volunteer for Summer Rec – and I would come here and pick up loads of books for the kids. The staff would always be so helpful – finding an picking out books for whatever projects we were working on over at the Rec program. This Library has been a Godsend in a lot of ways.

The Library has enriched my life because it has given me a place to go – since I am a reader – to use the computer, to take out books – and just the comrade of all the people. I mean look at Andrew, all of you – you’re all fabulous. When you are not feeling your 100% self – this is the place to come to feel better. It is a personal connection, and it always makes you feel better. It is an uplifting part of my day, more than just taking out books."

-Carol P., patron since 1979

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