We Love the Mahwah Library - Claudine B.-H.

We Love the Mahwah Library

I’ve been a patron here at the Mahwah Library for 30 – 40 maybe even 50 years ago.

I got involved with the Library after I retired and that was in the 90’s.  My mom was living with me and I commuted and found that I couldn’t leave her, so I started coming to the library on Sundays.  On Sundays I volunteered and helped with giving out tickets for the concerts to control the crowd.  I still do this, and I enjoy doing it and I look forward to it every week. 

On Sundays I know I have to be here to come in and set-up.  I look forward to the people coming, getting to know them, meeting and greeting the people.  During the week I play dominoes and on Thursdays I come over for the movies. I have trouble with my eye sight, so I can’t read too much but I like listening to audio books.

We have so much going on here.  Our library is the best it has so much to offer here.  Everyone speaks very highly of this library, the programs that we have is so enjoyable.  Every chance I get I tell people move to Mahwah and come to the library.  I just love it here, it is quiet and you feel comfortable when I come here, and it has improved so much over the years.  It is amazing what we have here and what they have done in the children’s area.  It is gift for them. I love my library.  My girls from the time they were small they were readers, lots of books, they are avid readers. 

If you enjoy music, come to one of our Sunday concerts - we have concert series' running from September through June. Check the calendar for our concert schedule and upcoming performances! 

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