We Love the Mahwah Library - Ginny W.

We Love the Mahwah Library

"I’ve been a patron since 1994, when we first moved here. At that time, it was the building that is now the Mahwah Museum. I could walk from where I lived in Mahwah. I very much liked the Children’s Room, because all the kids were little at the time. I liked the Summer Reading programs they had for the kids. When it moved up here, I enjoyed getting involved with the book clubs – I’m in the Mahwah Book Club on Facebook. There’s another book club that was in person – called Books and Buds. We started meeting at the Mahwah Bar & Grill, and then we slowly ended up here at the Library. Now we meet in the reading rooms over here.

Before I got my own laptop, I had to come here to use the computers, as did my kids when they were in school. It was a very big help – being able to use the computers here all those years. I think for a lot of people it still is. 

The book clubs have enriched my life. The Facebook book club – Andrew’s book club in particular. Andrew chooses a book that has been made into a movie – often times these are books that I would normally never think about reading, like Agatha Christie. The other book club that I belong too, we choose a theme for the month and we have great discussions. The Library has helped me read so many books that I would've never read otherwise - over the years that has just been wonderful."

-Ginny W., patron since 1994

Interested in Book Clubs like Ginny? Join our two book clubs on Facebook - Books to Film & Love in the Stacks, both led by staff members Andrew and Alex.
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