We Love the Mahwah Library - Lorraine L.

We Love the Mahwah Library

"I’ve lived in Mahwah for 24 years – and I remember when they made this Library. I have friends from all over who come from Rockland county, Passaic county, just to come to your events and concerts. Guest speakers, movies, all of the entertainment that you offer.

I’m able to bring materials with me to the long term care facility where I work for them to enjoy as well. It’s not even just here in the building – it’s expanded to the community outside of the library.

My first memory of the Mahwah Library was when I joined the book club. I enjoy talking about books. You get people from all walks of life that pick up all kinds of things when you read a book for a book club. I just really like holding a book. I also enjoy the foreign movies you have available – there’s just so much to learn and there’s so much they have to offer.

Your staff goes a step above. They will recommend films or books, we’re on a first name basis. They’re so helpful.

The Library has enriched my life with books. When I was young I was never a reader, and after I had kids I started reading. Books have enriched my life in so many ways. I read all kinds of books – I love historical fiction, political books. The discussions you have with people are enriched because of books.

This kind of Library is what builds a community and makes a community what it is."

-Lorraine L., patron since 1994

If you love book clubs like Lorraine does, check out our Facebook Book Club, and our "Love in the Stacks" Facebook Book Group.
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