We Love the Mahwah Library - Martina C.

We Love the Mahwah Library

"My husband got moved to Mahwah for his job here. We moved here last July and we hooked in with the Library right away. I just found it to be fantastic for reading and all the different programs you run. Even for meeting people and socializing – it’s just been fantastic, really, really good. We come here mostly for homework, to pick out books, and they meet their little friends here, and we even get to meet moms and dads. It’s a great way to network and socialize with people.

I remember when we came in, and we were just blown away by the facilities here. We just thought it was phenomenal. We went into the Children’s room and there were crafts and coloring, big boxes of toys, puzzles, LEGOs. The variety of things to do was just fantastic. The variety is just my favorite thing about the library.

My one daughter is in middle school, and she just loves to meet her friends down in the Teen Room. I have a little girl who enjoys the play area in the Children’s Room, and a little boy who just loves the computer games. My other daughter comes just for the books – she loves to read. There’s loads of things to do with the kids. It’s very safe and secure.

The Library has made the children quite fond of reading. In Ireland it’s quite regimented – you have to stay very quiet in the libraries, it’s mainly for reading. You get the books and you leave. Here, it’s very free flow – it supports creativity. Whether its through a painting or children’s yoga. The staff as well is just absolutely fantastic. Coming here is good for me, and it’s good for them. The homework here in America is very different than it was in Ireland – and when we started coming here I could just tap someone on the shoulder here and ask them a question as I was helping my children with their homework. Everyone is just so willing to lend a helping hand."

-Martina C. & family, patrons since 2018

Whether you have teens, tweens, or elementary age kids - you can enjoy the Library. Enjoy the Inbetween, perfect for teens and tweens with regular gaming groups, study space, fun events and more!
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