We Love the Mahwah Library - Matt, Jen, Bruce & Blake P.

We Love the Mahwah Library

Blake: “I love the Library, it as Avenger movies, we have watched all the Avengers so far!”

Jen: “Firstly, we love the welcoming staff, the opportunity that we have to come in and have this wealth of access for resources and services, for the kids as well as for ourselves.  Blake enjoys reading so much that he is reading above grade level.  Bruce is just starting to read.  For myself as we travel and do things, access to the Wi-Fi hot spots – I can stay connect and continue to do my work, the museum passes so that we can expose them and ourselves to other ways of thinking and ideas and art.  Really everything. “

Matt: “The kids, I have a lot of books at home and have plenty to read for myself, every once in a while I will come in and request something.  It’s mostly for the kids, so that I can check out and have reading materials for them. “

Jen: “It is a huge financial savings for us, all of the Avenger movies, over a dozen movies. We couldn’t keep up with that so it allows us to allow them to be able to expose them to all these different types of books and materials without us incurring any sort of cost.”

- Matt, Jen, Bruce & Blake P., patrons since 2016

If you love reading and watching movies like Matt & Jen and their kids, stop by the Library to see all we have in our collections for the whole family.

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