We Love the Mahwah Library - Mukul & Meena J., Purvi, Aayush, & Suhani P.

We Love the Mahwah Library

Purvi: "We’ve been patrons since February of 1990, that is when I started as a child and when I grew up and got married and moved away - and moved back to Mahwah so my kids could grow up here.  My son is 14 and my daughter is 11, they have been to this library ever since."

Meena: "They have been coming here since they were born and we have been coming here for 30 years. My first memory is in the old location the children’s section was downstairs.  The library was our second home, we would go every week, those were the days were there was no media, iPhone, it was their only outlet was reading."

Suhani: "My favorite thing about it here is that they have a lot of books that I like and if they don’t have one that I want they order it.  I like fiction chapter books."

Mukul: "I have done a lot of research for work and spent a few hours at a time in the library and a lot of time using the materials, in those days I used the microfiche machines if I needed some material. If I couldn’t find it someone would help me."

Meena:  "I dragged him (Mukul) to yoga and meditation class.  If I don’t come here once a week and get a lot of books, I need books around me to feel comfortable.  I have to read 45 minutes before I go to sleep.  I had a long commute, so I use to get a lot of audio books so I could listen while I was driving, the reference librarians were really good, if they didn’t have it they would get them for me."

Purvi: "For me, my favorite thing was when the kids were young it was great, the collection and the small little classes that we use to come to, after school or on the weekends. Now that they’re older I have time to read. I do what mom use to do and take books on CD and listen to them on my 15-minute commute and enjoy that. And of course the friendly staff, when you come in everyone welcomes you and greets you, they all know you by name.

The library has so much to offer.  We came for the Outrageous Pets program, with the hawk, for those events. You come on the weekend because it is packed, overall it is really bringing the community together.  There is so much – the foreign collection, whether it is DVDs or books."

Meena: “I literally look at it as my second home, if I don’t come here once a week I feel like I am missing something.  There are a lot of programs here that we attend musical programs, talks and movies I can always take books home but is a different dynamic when you are with people.  A lot of classes that you offer we come for that too. ”


- Mukul & Meena J., Purvi, Aayush, & Suhani P., patrons since 1990


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