We Love the Mahwah Library - Rochelly S.

We Love the Mahwah Library

"I’ve been a patron since 1999, my son was two and he is now 23.  I also have a 17 year old son, if I was not bringing him to story time or arts and crafts my in-laws would bring him.  Then I had a little girl and it was the same, we would come to the library frequently, every week.

My first memory of the Library here was reading in the story tower with the kids, the singing and the play time.  Most of my memories are with the kids bringing them for the activities in the children’s center.  Whenever I had the chance to escape, discovering the things that I like to do, the adult things like foreign films, different books from different genres, the audio books since I drive to and from work.  There is a ten-year gap between my first and third child.  I brought my twelve-year-old daughter last year to the flamenco dancer, she was hesitant about coming but when she saw it she loved it.  I try to teach my children about other cultures.  We do not have the luxury of traveling so this is my form of traveling through foreign films and books, arts and crafts and things like that. 

Having something to do with my kids that they liked also, is a big bonus, especially when you are a stay at home mom especially during the winter months.  My oldest son became an avid reader, there was a difference in him.  That is the biggest benefit. My kids’ love of learning different things via books, arts and crafts or activities, and performances."

- Rochelly S., patron since 1999


If you have children and enjoy storytime and kid's activities as much as Rochelly did, check out our Children's calendar of events - packed with storytimes, early literacy, and more.

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