We Love the Mahwah Library - Tom, Margie, Abbey & Michael M.

We Love the Mahwah Library

Margie: "I’ve been a patron since I moved here in 2006, and Tom about four years before. The kids have been coming ever since they were little."

Tom: "I used to come here when I was in the fire academy on Saturdays and look for audio books for my commute to Berkley Heights, NJ, the books on tape. Over an hour commute each way, I still commute but now I use Libby. Margie commutes to the city and uses Libby all the time, I like to read. Now I am on my Kindle and don’t want to carry a book, I was getting books from Amazon but now I get them from Libby, which is great.

When my daughter was in first grade, she would drive with me to Berkley Heights, and we would download the Harry Potter books and other books that there was audio of them, that is how she got into the chapter books. Before she could read she liked historical fiction. She reads like crazy, she just did two weeks at the University of Virginia, living in the dorm studying neuroscience. It all started with Harry Potter."

Abbey: "I like the activities that they have for kids. I like the Star Wars books."

Michael: "I like the dragon that just came out."

Margie: "They both benefited from the early literacy books. We use to come to bed time story time on Monday night, we would come in for that and get books. It was way better than Barnes and Noble and cheaper. Sue was amazing with her she would take her around the library and show her sections and sections of books."

Margie: "We use the Library for everything, even for after school stuff for her, coming here after school. I have come here with Girl Scouts with our troops. The fact that you have the binders, I’m not sure people realize what a resource that is for scouts in town since they are expensive for troops to have to purchase. My co-leaders and I will come here and plan out what we are doing. The arts and crafts are really cool, and we have done the concerts as well which we like.

As a family, we do our audio books, but we still read to him every night. Both of them this is a place that we could get six or seven books at time. Abbey did the early literacy; I think kids still need that physical connection with a book. The picture with the story, you can’t get that kind of library at home, you can’t get the variety and being able to check out ten books at a time."

Tom: "There is never saying no here because they can get whatever book they want to take out."

-Tom, Margie, Abbey & Michael M., patrons since 2006
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