We Love the Mahwah Library - Victoria, Charlie, Mia & Samantha A.

We Love the Mahwah Library

"We’ve been patrons since 1998 - about 22 years."

Charlie: "I remember as a kid, coming in to play on the computers, where there were fun games that you could write your own stories on them, it was fun, and the kids section was neat and cool."

Victoria: "We have definitely have grown with it. Different facets were their favorites as they got older, we started investigating. They all came after school from JK, we just missed the Bob Ross program. Like my son said, he comes for tutoring. We love the summer reading programs. It is a very safe environment that I feel comfortable letting them be here somewhat on their own after school before my husband picks them up. I like the fact that everyone kind of knows each other and they are looking out for my kids. Charlie likes that it is in the middle of the school district so that no matter what school you go to it is no more than a ten-minute walk to go to the library to grab your summer reading book or meet a tutor. It is a godsend in some ways."

Mia: "My favorite thing about the library is the tween and teen section downstairs since you can go there and hang out, since it is the talking area, so you don’t want to interrupt the people upstairs so you can talk downstairs."

Samantha: "I love how you can find new hobbies here by signing up for new programs, and that there are programs for each age for little kids and for seniors. "

Charlie: "The new kids section is pretty cool. I like the outside, sitting out front by the trees. My favorite things are the new quiet study rooms that, they are so helpful with the white board and all the plugs that I used during tutoring. Mom – we have a very, very old home with no room for privacy and quiet, the library has provided a quiet place."

Victoria: "I love how you do not forget about the tweens, every library I have been in is it is about the children and forgot about you until you were an adult and more into reading and came back as an adult. That is a huge area that a lot of people are missing, you embrace their craziness, their moodiness, they are people that are in between that don’t know what to do."

-Victoria, Charlie, Mia, & Samantha A., patrons since 1998

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