I Don't Know How to Clean My Room! Workshop by Jean Marie Herron, CPO®

  • Event date:
    January 14, 2020 - 3:45pm - 4:45pm
  • Presenter:
    Jean Marie Herron - POSSE Partners, LLC
  • Age Group: Teens, Tweens
  • Location: Small Meeting Room
  • Type of event: Health & Wellness
Did anyone ever truly show you how to clean your room? It's actually an organizing skill that can be taught.  Students in grades 5 & up can come learn from a Certified Professional Organizer® the methodology to organizing anything from your bedroom to your backpack. The steps are the same only the "stuff" and the space changes.  

In this workshop, the student will learn the five-step sequence to any organizing project; whether it's a desk, a locker or his/her bathroom. The process is the same and this lesson can be learned by everyone to improve their quality of space and life so parents are not always telling their children to "clean up."  Sign-up starts on Monday, December 9th and can be done at the Teen Services Desk, by phone at 201-529-7323 x 224, or at

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