Fines & Fees

The Mahwah Library is Fine-Free this Summer

The Library is doing away with most overdue fees from June 1, 2020, through September 7, 2020.

Fine-free applies to overdue fines items owned by the Mahwah Libary, excluding Museum Passes, Devices, and High Demand Items. Fine-free does not include overdue fines on materials owned by other libraries, nor does it include replacement fees for any lost or damaged items.

Fines For Overdue Materials

Fines accumulate daily on all overdue items until the item is renewed, returned, reaches a maximum fine, or is declared lost by either the borrower or the Library.

Item Loan Period Number of
Overdue Fine*

Overdue Fine*

Express DVD
Feature Films     

3 days - $1/day $5
Express DVD Series
(new releases)
7 days - $1/day $5
New DVD Feature Films & Series 7 days 1 $1/day $5
(other than Express or New)
14 days 2
$1/day $5
Video Games
14 days 2 $1/day $5
Music CDs 14 days 2 $.10/day $5
Express Books
(non-holdable new releases)
14 days - $.10/day $5
New Books 14 days 1 $.10/day $5
Audio Books
(books on CD, Playaway)
28 days 2 $.10/day $5
Other Books 28 days 2 $.10/day $5
Magazines 14 days 2 $.10/day $5
eBook Readers 14 days 2 $1/day $5
Playaway Launchpads 14 days - $1/day $5
WiFi Hotspots 14 days - $5/day $10
GoPro Hero Camera 7 days $5/day $10
Museum Passes 3 days - $10/day $20
Roku Devices 14 days - $5/day $20

The Mahwah Library will accept new, identical copies as replacements for items that have been lost or damaged and are less than 90 days overdue. Items that are over 90 days late will not be accepted as returns and may not be replaced with an identical copy. The full replacement cost must be paid for any items that are over 90 days late. 

Effective February 14, 2020, BCCLS will automatically renew eligible items checked out to library cardholders.

How do Automatic Renewals Work?

  • Eligible items will renew automatically 3 days before their due date for the full loan period.
  • You will receive a notification via email or text if an eligible item has been renewed.
  • Notification is only via email or text, so be sure we have your current information in our system.
  • You can still renew eligible items at any time through your account at or at any BCCLS library.

An item is NOT eligible for Auto-Renew if:

  • The item has reached its renewal limit.
  • The item is on hold for another patron.
  • Your card has expired.
  • You owe $10 or more in fines.
  • You have 10 or more items overdue.

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