Public Computers

The Library has 10 available workstations and 1 laptop available for patron use.  All are equipped with the Windows XP operating system and Microsoft Office 2007.  Patrons may use Library computers only upon presentation of his or her valid library card. A patron is not eligible to use a library computer utilizing someone else's library card.   Guest passes are available for patrons without BCCLS library cards and will be dispensed at the discretion of the Reference staff.  If all the workstations are full, patrons must request to be placed on a waiting list at the Reference Desk.

Patrons are allowed up to 90 minutes of computer access per day. 

Black and White printing is available at a cost of fifteen (.15) cents per page.

There is a scanner available for patron use for free.

The Library internet users must adhere to all laws regarding copyright infringement. Use of the Internet for activities that violate local, state or federal laws is prohibited, including pornography, committing fraud, hacking, harassing others, or libel. Users may not misrepresent themselves when using the library's Internet access.

The Internet is a worldwide computer network with a highly diverse user population. The Mahwah Public Library does not monitor or control the information available on the Internet and is not responsible for its quality, accuracy or content. Therefore, Library patrons use the Internet and the information and services available on it at their own risk.

The Mahwah Public Library staff members at their sole discretion will determine the inappropriateness of materials viewed and reserve the right to end an Internet session when such materials are displayed on the screen.

The Library is not responsible for any Internet information accessed by children. Parents are strongly encouraged to supervise their children's Internet sessions. Juvenile cardholders (up to age 14) must have a parental consent form on file at the Reference Desk in order for them to use the Library’s computers.

Two (2) persons may work together at a single computer station ONLY if it does not disturb those working at stations next to them.

Patrons are permitted to utilize flash drives or CDs and other peripherals only on computers designated for that purpose. The library does not provide discs or flash drives for patron use.

Staff may assist patrons, as time permits, but may not provide one-on-one instruction. Staff may not assist with e-mail.

Patrons are to remain at assigned workstations and may not transfer to another station unless assigned by Library staff. In the event of a problem, the patron is to request assistance at the Reference Desk.

Users of Library computers may not alter the screen setup in any way.

Anyone tampering with the Library computers shall be held responsible for any damage caused and are financially liable for necessary repairs.

The staff reserves the right to limit time and usage of the Library computers, particularly when classes are scheduled.

The computers will shut down automatically five minutes prior to the closing of the Library.

Failure to use Internet workstations in accordance with Mahwah Public Library policy and procedures may result in the revocation of Internet user privileges.

Guideline was adapted from the following BCCLS sources: and

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