Quiet Study Room Use Policy

In keeping with its mission, the Mahwah Public Library makes five quiet study rooms available to the public. These quiet study rooms are intended for collaborative work, short meetings, quiet study and research by individuals and small groups. The rooms are not available for fundraising or commercial purposes, including, but not limited to, offering or soliciting goods, services, or memberships unless expressly allowed by this policy or Library Administration.

Quiet study rooms are available during all normal library hours, but must be vacated at least 15 minutes prior to closing.  Individuals requesting use of a quiet study room must be at least 18 years old.  Minors may use a quiet study room only if they are accompanied by an adult over 18 at all times. Paid tutors working with Mahwah students or adult learners may use the rooms provided they adhere to this Policy and the Code of Conduct. 

Library programs have first priority use of all quiet study rooms.  Mahwah Library cardholders in good standing may reserve a room up to one week in advance at the adult information desk. An individual or group may reserve a room once per day, up to four times each month. The individual reserving the room must be a Mahwah Public Library adult cardholder in good standing and reservations may not be transferred to another individual or group. Room reservations will only be held for 15 minutes, after which time another individual or group may reserve or use the room. Use of the quiet study rooms is available to the general public on a “first come, first serve” basis.  Individuals must present a library card or government issued ID to use a quiet study room. 

Use of the quiet study rooms is limited to two hours per day. If there are no other individuals or groups waiting to use a room after the initial two hour session, the individual or group may continue to use the room. If other individuals or groups request a quiet room, the individual/group that has occupied a room for the longest time will be asked to relinquish their room, provided they have used it for at least two hours.

Occupancy of quiet study rooms one, two, three and four is limited to a maximum of four persons; occupancy for quiet study room five is limited to a maximum of six persons. Individuals or groups may not request specific rooms and quiet study room five shall be reserved for groups of four or more unless no other room is available.  Additional furniture may not be moved into the room. Doors may not be blocked; windows and doors in study rooms may not be covered at any time. No items shall be taped or tacked to the walls, windows or doors.

Groups must adhere to the Library posted Code of Conduct and keep noise levels consistent with the proper atmosphere of the Library at all times. Individuals or groups who are noisy or unruly will be asked to leave. All beverages must have caps or lids.  Quiet study room users must clean up after themselves and leave the room in good condition, including placing trash in designated receptacles. The individual who reserved the room is responsible for the orderly conduct of the group and is liable for any damage to library property and/or equipment. Any personal belongings left in the rooms after use will be removed to lost and found.

Individuals or groups that do not adhere to this Policy or the Code of Conduct may be denied use of the quiet study rooms.

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