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Freegal Music+ is your new music library and streaming service – all in one! Stream millions of songs from thousands of top artists, 24/7, or download up to three favorite tunes each week – entirely free with your Mahwah Library card.

Freegal is a digital music service that allows you to listen to a huge collection of music from thousands of artists and labels across every genre. You can stream or download songs at no charge straight from your computer or download the Freegal app.

Streaming – there is no limit to how long you are able to stream Freegal music – access 24 hrs a day! You simply need to search for the music you want to hear and click play.

Downloading – you are also able to download songs from Freegal Music. DRM-free mp3 files are saved onto your computer permanently and can be transferred to your smartphone and other devices. You are able to download three songs per week.