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  • Salem Science

    Salem Science is a robust online database that includes the complete content of printed reference sets. Titles currently available on Salem Science: Forensic Science The Solar System

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  • Salem History

    Salem History is a robust online database that includes the complete content of printed reference sets. Salem currently offers this service with many series of historical reference: Milestone Documents - A new, primary source series Great Lives from History - The definitive, worldwide biographical resource Great Events from History - The complete resource for worldwide events Musicians & Composers - Biographical profiles of important figures in all genres of music Great Athletes - A comprehensive look at over 1,400 sports heroes and legends Weapons & Warfare - A historical view of the development of weapons and military tactics

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  • Driving Test Prep

    Thanks to a partnership with, the Mahwah Public Library is proud to offer free online test prep for students preparing for their NJ driving tests! Visit their exclusive website, where you can choose from several different permit tests. No library card number or personal information is needed! This resource is also great for anyone looking to brush up on their knowledge of New Jersey’s traffic laws or interested in getting their motorcycle license. A helpful FAQ section addresses questions residents might have about visiting their local DMV.

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  • College Preparation Center

    Getting into college is an important step to building a strong future. First, you must do well on your college admission tests and write a personal essay that highlights your special talents. Use this center to get the resources you need to achieve your college preparation goals.

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  • College Center

    This center provides valuable resources that help college students strengthen their academic skills, prepare for placement tests, and get ready for graduate school entrance exams.

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