English as a Second Language

Mahwah Public Library offers English as a Second Language (ESL) for adult students looking to improve their English speaking abilities. We offer classes covering a variety of topics including conversation, grammar, listening, reading, writing, pronunciation, and vocabulary needed to build life-long skills.

Beginner – Beginner classes are for students who have just moved to the United States, but have studied English in the past and understand basic grammar.

Intermediate – Intermediate classes are designed for students who are comfortable with survival English and are interested in learning to have conversations with their American friends. These classes focus on everyday vocabulary and how it is used in conversations. Intermediate classes also teach students about American culture, traditions, and holidays.

Advanced – Advanced Classes are designed for students who are very comfortable with English and have little trouble holding conversations with English speakers. These classes focus on current events, advanced vocabulary, and writing skills.

Mixed – Mixed Class are designed for speakers at all levels of English ability. These classes give lower level speakers the ability to learn from higher level speakers while higher level speakers are able to reinforce their speaking skills while developing the ability to communicate with people who don’t speak as well as they do.

English as a Second Language

All classes are taught by dedicated volunteer instructors who have been certified to teach English as a Second Language. Classes are taught days, nights, and weekends year round. If you would like to join our ESL program or need more information, please visit the library to pick up a class schedule or contact us through our email.